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Psyco in crisis times

[Psyco, from Wikipedia] Here it is the news. No, in crisis times Psyco doesn't keep his mother's corpse. Nor is he

Error #AEF039483CD: I was programmed by a damned jerk

I've been told of all the good Software Engineering principles, and good programming and all that jazz since my childhood. Be simple. Be clear. Be modular. Reuse. Document.

Holidays in Croatia

Antitheft device

By the way: I hate the burglar alarms which wake me up on Sunday at 6.00 am. And I wonder why you should expect someone cares about your f. car! :-\

Stupid me

Uhm... I am afraid today we both haven't toothbrushed yet...

Which OS are you?

Look here to know which OS is for you. By the way, I've been told I am an Amigaist...

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