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Welcome to a 5-min-lazyness site...

Stupid me

Uhm... I am afraid today we both haven't toothbrushed yet...

Javascript Bouncing Balls

A Web page animation program, published on IRT.

Formal aspects of Ontologies for Knowledge Representation and Applications

A work done for the PhD course on Artificial Intelligence.

Bioinformatics, data management and integration, Semantic Web and perspectives

Presented at BTBS Bioinformatics Master, 2005 editition. Here the docs.

Web Services and Bioinformatics, Taverna, BioMOBY

A work done for the PhD course on Web Services.

Modeling the TLR signalling with Pi-Calculus

A work made for the PhD course on Theoretical Computer Science. Here the docs.

Which OS are you?

Look here to know which OS is for you. By the way, I've been told I am an Amigaist...

Blogs, RSS, Semantic Web: a Perspective

A presentation given during Linux Day 2005, the local edition organized by the Fermo Linux Users Group

PhD, Use cases and base modeling

Modeling Knowledge about Microarray Analysis

The document below is a description of my PhD project.

A clue about software development [Italian]

(Italian) A hopefully realistic software developement example I've written for a student of mine.

Corso di Introduzione all'Informatica e all'uso del PC [Italian]

Del materiale che ho usato per un corso post-diploma di Informatica di base. This is the teaching material used for a post high school course on Computer Basics.


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