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A Geek's Intro to Linked Open Data

I've had a chance to give this tutorial about Linked Open Data. It was at /dev/summer/2014, a very nice 1-day meeting, packed with a great variety of topics for software developers. It was very nice to go around the presentation rooms and get a bite of so many new topics.

I've adapted the material from a similar, longer tutorial.

Lunch Break during /dev/summer/2014

Linked Open Data @SOD 2014

Me during SOD PresentationI haven't had much time recently to update this personal web site, I realise it seems abandoned. Well, the good news is that what I've been busy with is cool! :-)

For instance, end of March, I enjoyed working with my Italian friends from the Spaghetti Open Data Group, to deliver a 1-day tutorial on Linked Data and their applications for the cause of Open Data to the People! I was very happy of the people I worked with, they was great in providing a comprehensive presentation of different aspects of Linked Data essentials and why they're important for making data available to people in their most useful form.

There is a Google Doc, containing all the links to the materials we used that day, including presentations, demo and exercise data-to-RDF projects.

I've partiallty reused such material to prepare a much shorter presentation, going to talk about this here.


Open Data during the G8 Week: the SEMIC 2013 Conference

[Dublin Rugby Stadium, SEMIC 2013 Venue]

A few notes from the SEMIC 2013 conference that I've recent attended, which happended the same days of the Open Data Charts release, by the G8.

God bless America: jailbreaking is legal!

[iPhone in prison]
Wired reports on the good news: US regulators declares that copyright law cannot be used to enforce jailbreaking. That is: Apple cannot use the copyright law and the DMCA to force...

Internet closed, due to World Cup (and not only)

[Net Consumerism Icons]

Here we go again: World Cup begins and, as any other big sports event, on line TV from your country is blocked if you're abroad. And it's not the only restrictions that limit your freedom, including your chance to be a European citizen. There are technical solutions that allows one to overcome the sharks and you'll discover them in this post. Although there is quite more than that.



Blogs, RSS, Semantic Web: a Perspective

A presentation given during Linux Day 2005, the local edition organized by the Fermo Linux Users Group

Leaf what?

I have been involved in the start-up company Leaf Bioscience, which closed in 2010.

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