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Happy Releases with Maven and Bamboo

[Dilbert on Software Versions, courtesy of]
Maven has several nice plug-ins to automate almost all the stages of a release process. Whether it is changing your POM with a new version number, tagging your SCM or updating references in other POMs, you can do it by just a few command lines. Even better, you can put Maven goals into a continuous integration software and release with just a few clicks.

Every Programmer has its Own Toolbox: jUtils

[Young Worker With his Toolbox - courtesy of]My personal lib of utils is now a quite public project, jUtils (part of ISA-Tools) and the code in it doesn't come from myself only any more. In this post, I'd like to give a brief overview of what it offers. Who knows, that bit you were about to code yourself might be described in the next paragraphs.

Internet closed, due to World Cup (and not only)

[Net Consumerism Icons]

Here we go again: World Cup begins and, as any other big sports event, on line TV from your country is blocked if you're abroad. And it's not the only restrictions that limit your freedom, including your chance to be a European citizen. There are technical solutions that allows one to overcome the sharks and you'll discover them in this post. Although there is quite more than that.



Error #AEF039483CD: I was programmed by a damned jerk

I've been told of all the good Software Engineering principles, and good programming and all that jazz since my childhood. Be simple. Be clear. Be modular. Reuse. Document.

Introduzione al Software Aperto e a Linux [Italian]

Un' introduzione sul mondo del software aperto e un assaggio di Linux.

Javascript Bouncing Balls

A Web page animation program, published on IRT.

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