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Adventures with Biological Samples and Linked Data

A few notes on the work behind the conversion of the EBI Biosamples Database data into Linked Data.

A few notes from UK Ontology Network 2013

[UK Ontology Network]

A few notes here about the UK Ontology Network Meeting I've attended today. PDF available too.

As their site says:

The UK Ontology Network is an informal and voluntary coordination between people based in the United Kingdom and working in the area of ontology and ontology related technology. Members of the network include people from all areas of science and industry and across all disciplines.

It has been nice to see works in a variety of fields, where clearly there are different approaches and philosopies on designing and applying ontologies.



Internet closed, due to World Cup (and not only)

[Net Consumerism Icons]

Here we go again: World Cup begins and, as any other big sports event, on line TV from your country is blocked if you're abroad. And it's not the only restrictions that limit your freedom, including your chance to be a European citizen. There are technical solutions that allows one to overcome the sharks and you'll discover them in this post. Although there is quite more than that.



Being World Champions in London

Piccadilly Circus, 9 Luglio 2006.

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