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This page is a summary of what you can find in this site.

What I mainly do, at least at present, is working/experimenting/make damage with computers. I've started long time ago, by stumbling upon a Commodore 64 handbook. I type something and it does things I built in my mind, all put together like LEGO bricks, with the coherent elegance of logics. Absolutely fantastic! After then I have done quite a lot of things in the field and outside of it, such as dreaming of being like David Lightman in War Games... software development, sysop, completion of Zak Mc Kracken and the Alien Mindbenders... political/social activity and free thinking, foundation of a company.

I have dedicated much of my career in data management applications, especially Java-based development, semantic and linked data technologies, which I have applied mostly to the biomedical field.

What I do or have done (recently, or long ago)

More: publications & other stuff

I try to maintain a list of publications and alike that I've contributed to:

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I try to keep updated the social networks where I am registered: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter.


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