About Me


So, this is me. Long time ago, I stumbled upon a Commodore 64 handbook. I type something and it does things I built in my mind, all put together like LEGO bricks, with the coherent elegance of logics. Absolutely fantastic! After then I have done quite a lot of things in the field, such as dreaming of being like David Lightman in War Games, software development, sysop, completion of Zak Mc Kracken and the Alien Mindbenders, bioinformatics, OSS advocacy, foundation of a company.

I have dedicated most of my career to data management applications, especially Java-based development, semantic and linked data technologies, which I have applied mostly to the life science field.

Specialties: Bioinformatics, Software Development, Web Development, Data Standards, Knowledge Representation, Data Management Applications, Java, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Unix, Docker, Semantic Web, Graph Databases.