Skating on the Cambridgeshire Fens

I’ve realised that I’ve never written anything about my ice skating on this personal site.

Well, I’m a ice figure skater, among other things :blush:

I’ve started in January 2020, and it was like: oh! They opened an Olympic-size ice rink near my home, why not getting some lessons, so I can a stop better than bump on the barrier?

By March, I was enjoying it a lot and learning simple stuff like two-foot turns (almost nothing is simple in skating before you master it). Then, yes, everything went lock-down, which gave me the occasion to try inline skates too (aka, rollerblades, though, as I’ve learned, that’s not exactly the most appropriate name).

After that break, I went through the eight levels of the UK Basic Programme and now I’m in the Freestyle Programme.

Recently, I have been lucky enough to get days of good outdoor ice and so I went to the fen near Ely and enjoyed this great way of skating with a long tradition. Here it is a sample:

More videos on my Instagram (where I was dragged by other skaters…).

By the way, all the coaches at the Cambridge Ice Arena are great, I’d like to mention the lamented Gail Howard, who had the patience of teaching me the first steps and who I and the Cambridgeshire skater community miss much.

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