Recently, in my team, we have managed to start periodic talks/discussions on software engineering, including best practices, project management tools, code style, testing and all that jazz. If you are in a large-enough team in a full software house, probably you’re thinking: well, this kind of meetings should be pretty standard in this business. Well, […]

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Robots in a Factory (source:

The Continuous Integration idea is great: people send their software code changes to a shared repository like github, and the CI reacts by building the executable product on the fly, and even using it to redeploy test servers and make latest cool features available for testing and showcasing.

In this short presentation, I show how I manage my continuous integration jobs from one script for all my projects and without (too many) dependencies on any specific CI software.

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I haven’t had much time recently to update this personal web site, I realise it seems abandoned. Well, the good news is that what I’ve been busy with is cool! 🙂   For instance, end of March, I enjoyed working with my Italian friends from the Spaghetti Open Data Group, to deliver a 1-day tutorial […]

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