Error #AEF039483CD: I was programmed by a damned jerk

I’ve been told of all the good Software Engineering principles, and good programming and all that jazz since my childhood. Be simple. Be clear. Be modular. Reuse. Document. One of my preffered texts on the topic is Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck. Also the book by my previous professors is pretty good. Now, in the A.D. 2009, at least in big titled companies like Oracle, the basics of such principles should be absolutely taken for granted, shouldn’t they?

Damn no! This is the way Oracle 9i, or better: some f*@!ed programmers, expect that I understand  that the record r in table X is referred by some other records in table Y:

ORA-02292: integrity constraint (TESTDB.FKF373CDD5815CA348) violated – child record found

Or maybe I am wrong and they’re so smart that they are able to quickly mentally decode X,Y,r from "FKF373CDD5815CA348", like in Matrix. In that case, they could ship people together with the DBMS’s installation DVD. I am outraged.

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