God bless America: jailbreaking is legal!

[iPhone in prison]
Wired reports on the good news: US regulators declares that copyright law cannot be used to enforce jailbreaking. That is: Apple cannot use the copyright law and the DMCA to force an iPhone customer to use his/her hardware the only way Apple dictates. You know: they sell it, but you pay for it, and not so little. It’s yours, it’s like your car bonnet: you do have the right to open your car bonnet, as you do have the right to crack your iPhone firmware, install whatever you like on it and and say "the hell the Appstore!". Probably, too much hope, but it would be great if they addressed related issues. Like the fact that your warranty is voided by jailbreaking. And of course it doesn’t apply to Apple only. God bless America, at least this time…

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